Water Management / Hydrology

Coterra provides the following water management services:

Urban water management: Provide strategic urban water management planning and preparation of urban water reports at different stages of planning:

  • District Water Management Strategies (DWMS).

  • Local Water Management Strategies (LWMS).

  • Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP).

  • Stormwater Management Plans.

  • Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plans.

  • Wastewater Management Plans.


Design and modelling: Provide modelling and design advice with solutions based on results and the project vision:

  • Conceptual stormwater drainage design.

  • Surface water and drainage modelling.

  • Flood modelling: 1D and 2D.

  • Water quality assessment and treatment system design.

  • Nutrient export modelling (UNDO).

  • Constructed wetland design.

  • Lake/ dam management and design assessment and advice.

  • Wastewater stabilisation pond design for winery or brewery effluent.


Impact assessments: Provide a range hydrological and hydrogeological impact assessments due to changes in hydrological regimes:

  • Mine stormwater discharge impact assessments.

  • Nutrient export and irrigation impact assessments.


Water resourcing: Provide information on, and assessments for, possible water sources or alternative water sources for a project or industry activity.

  • Water recycling and reuse strategies and assessments.

  • Groundwater licence management including applications and compliance reporting.

  • Groundwater licence sourcing and brokerage.


Site investigations, assessment and monitoring: Provide on-site investigations to gather data for assessments and to inform various environmental and hydrological reporting requirements.

  • Monitoring program design in line with guidelines.

  • Groundwater assessments; bore installation and sampling.

  • Surface water/ watercourse sampling and flow measurements.

  • Biophysical assessments and foreshore reserve definition.

  • Site and Soil Evaluation (SSE).

  • Soil sampling.

  • Monitoring data analysis and reporting.


Planning Approval Support: Coterra’s senior team have provided technical support and have appeared at the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for mediation and hearings in regard to hydrological matters. We have also provided technical statements, attended and provided client preparation for the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) process.


Stakeholder/workshop facilitation and information: Coterra has extensive experience in stakeholder liaison including Federal, State and Local Government and facilitating community workshops.