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About Us

Coterra Environment was established in 2010.

The directors have extensive environmental knowledge, together having over fourty years of experience in both private consultancies and Government agencies.


Our Vision


Coterra Environment is committed to providing professional environmental management services across a wide range of environmental disciplines and capabilities. The multifaceted approach enables Coterra to understand and coordinate all the important facets of environmental work to ensure they are managed effectively for a cohesive outcome to the project.

Coterra’s objective is to deliver solution-based outcomes which are consistent with the client and project team’s vision for the project. By providing an innovative and strategic project direction, the best outcomes can be achieved and relevant approvals gained. This objective is simple; not to create more hurdles, address all pertinent matters requiring attention, making the entire process as smooth as possible.

At the forefront of our aims is to provide a personal and attentive client service, forming lasting partnerships. We aim to achieve this by providing senior, committed and qualified personnel to manage each project, ensuring that the project manager has extensive project knowledge from a long standing dedication. We pride ourselves on our team and our personnel, on our culture of learning and professional development, and our uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of professionalism.


Kristen Watts

BEnvSc (Hons)


Kristen has provided environmental consultancy services to the Western Australian urban development and extractive resource industries for over twenty years. Kristen has experience with projects from preliminary due diligence stages to post approval management, including State and Federal environmental assessments.

Kristen has managed the environmental components of a number of key, iconic projects in Western Australia. Her experience has included: provision of strategic advice, environmental assessment reporting, statutory approval management and general environmental management support. Kristen’s longstanding commitment to such projects and her clients is testament to her dedicated and exceptional work style.

Kristen currently sits on the Planning and Environment Committee for the Housing Industry Association (WA).


Stacey Harley

BSc (Hons)


Stacey has over twenty years of experience in the Western Australian environmental services industry, both in private consulting and Government sectors. Stacey started her career in Local Government Town Planning and later moved to State Government within the former Department of Environment Protection, assessing Town Planning Scheme amendments and subdivision referrals to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).


Stacey maintains excellent working relationships with the Office of the EPA.

Since leaving Government in 2000, Stacey has worked in private consulting. Stacey has prepared numerous environmental assessments on large scale land development projects and managed referrals and liaison with the EPA to gain the best outcomes for her clients. Stacey specialises in the provision of strategic environmental assessment advice and approval management.

Kathy Choo.png

Kathy Choo



Kathy has over 20 years of experience in the environmental industry. She has expertise in project management of multi-disciplinary environmental impact assessment projects, environmental offsets, compliance management and reporting for land development projects under State and Federal environmental legislation. Kathy specialises in problem solving and providing high-level strategic advice and technical review. She can appropriately advise clients on the best course of action when navigating the environmental approvals process.


Kathy is a skilled negotiator with excellent relationships across the industry and within government agencies. Kathys experience demonstrates an ability to take on a strategic role within projects, lead teams and provide senior technical support to project teams.

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